Company Overview

Caribe Tax Services is rapidly growing and dominating the Tax Preparation and Legal Assistance industry since its existence in 2014. We are a team of professionals who strive for clients excellence, we’re transitioning tax preparation from its typical interface, by dismantling misrepresentation towards hardworking taxpayers who deserves honesty and transparency. Our core values are to always depict our highest integrity by educating taxpayers on how imperative it is to apply themselves in an effort to prevent unnecessary audits. We help to resolve and foster many of our clients in restoring their hope after being victims of poorly done tax prep, tax fraud, Identity theft and other related tax issues without their knowledge or awareness.

We exude an omnipotent business ethic that is unmatched, this separates us from the intense competition. We have carefully designed strategic methods to meticulously curate each client’s tax obligation so that taxpayers either receive what is due to them or pay their fair share, we accomplish these things while remaining in compliance with IRS tax laws. Client satisfaction is an indelible trait displayed at all times as this too is a contributing factor to our prevailing growth and success working with you.

We hold our Clients to the highest standards, respect and integrity. We develop relationships that supersedes clients expectations in ensuring that whatever goals and objectives they have we achieve them successfully through professional practice and performance.

Strong Ethics

I am Denisha White, I was born and raised in the city of Montego Bay, Jamaica. I migrated to the US in my mid 20’s on a quest to seek a better life and opportunities. I’m always passionate in helping others in need and so it was no surprise life have channeled me in becoming an awesome Tax Professional for over a decade. Like many small businesses, I developed my business with limited resources, I utilized the little I could afford and would eventually grow and expand in all areas that was crucial for my growth. One of my strongest strengths is treating each human as the most important person alive. I have been a very dedicated, committed and consistent advocate of displaying a prevailing positive attitude towards those I serve. I’ve always emphasized that your true interest and intentions to do right by others will be far more rewarding than any amount of money you obtain being deceitful. I’m motivated and driven by some of the most profound principles which grip me firmly in excelling steadily in the tasks I perform and render. I display gratitude in all my endeavors and cope through some of life’s toughest challenges by reminding myself ‘I don’t own all the problems in the world’ . Giving back is one of my most indelible traits, I’m just a selfless person who find life fulfilling when you make a difference in others lives. I’ve been a member of GIVE A DAY FOUNDATION, a nonprofit organization where I distribute foods, clean roadways and help at community events or any help needed that suites my availability. Over the years I have assisted thousands of clients throughout the US and I can safely say that I have provided the best possible service to each and everyone. I’m always enhancing my knowledge and expertise in an effort to improve myself in order to better serve my clients. I’ve learnt that no one rises from having low expectations or standards of themselves and so I implore you to Show up for yourself and life will anchor you where you need to be.

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