Reporting your income to the Federal government is very imperative and should be filed in a timely fashion. This process ties into achieving college admission, as well as purchasing a home among other long-term goals which is why it should not be excused reporting your income. Each year we receive tons of continuing education, credits, and information through webinars and conferences with the IRS. This is an initiative to stay in the know which enables us to impart our knowledge to you our clients in an effective and efficient manner. Each client tax preparation is treated fairly in receiving any EIC, CTC, AOTC or ODC due to them. Deductions and depreciation is performed for each person with documents provided to substantiate evidence follow with a thorough interview to successfully ensure accurate preparation of your return.


We know this can be a tedious, expensive process with exorbitant legal fees which is why we take deep consideration of all our clients who struggle to retain services in an effort to adjust to legal status in our country or filing for love ones abroad and so who is more fitting to relate to you than us who have gracefully help a lot of people who seek opportunities in bettering their lives and their families lives in living the American Dream. We are that Team who will confidently help secure your future at a menial cost, let us help you!



This service is accomplished mainly for divorces that don’t include assets or children. This filing is mainly for less complicated divorces.


Conduct common-law duties such as officiating wedding ceremonies or performing notary acts in signing important documents.