How To Avoid Potential Audits

  • Majority of Taxpayers carry the notion that if you file first you’ll receive your refund first, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that’s absolutely far from the truth. This leads to a lot of Taxpayers not filing all their necessary paperwork which results in expensive audits as well as repaying thousands of dollars to the IRS due to missing documents not reported on return. In an effort to alleviate all the headaches be patient and wait on your documents to arrive in the mail, if you’re uncertain as to what needs to be file, consult a tax professional who will discuss what you should expect to file base on what is required to file that may apply to you for the current tax year. Never compare your tax filing with anyone else’s. You’re neighbors doesn’t share the same similarities as it relates to your tax filing or obligations therefore do not use other’s return to judge, compare or contrast with yours instead speak to a professional who can educate you properly. Be sure to ask questions when you’re return is being prepared and look over your documents for errors. Tax Professionals are humans first therefore mistakes are inevitable and may not be on purpose, as a taxpayer, it’s your duty and responsibility as well to ensure the accuracy of all information placed on your filing. Let us work together in helping you with any audits you are facing, you are not alone. We will assist, schedule your appointment with us.